For beginners there are few common commands which gives you an idea of using this new Unix and Linux operating system. These commands run successfully in all the versions of Unix which includes Oracle Solaris, HP-UX and AIX. When we talk about Linux these commands run in Red Hat Linux, Ubuntu, Cent OS and similar Linux flavors.

Common commands used in UNIX and LINUX_bashcodes

To display OS informations

 $ uname -a

Details about the operating system, with the version release date.

$ date

To display the date.

$ cal

To display the calendar

Control Characters


Terminates the command currently running.


Indicates end-of-file or exit


Erases all characters on the current command line.


Erases last word on the command line.


Stops the output to screen


Restarts the output after using CTRL+S


Getting Command Line help.

$ man cp

this command gives the manual pages for cp command

Press SpaceBar to scroll down, “b” to move back and “q” to quit.

$ man -K keyword

Searches man pages by keywords.

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