Currently am using VMWare Workstation on Windows 7 operating system to run Cent OS and Oracle Solaris operating systems virtually. VMWare helps me to work and practice in both the platforms as per my systems performance.

How to fix The Virtual Machine appears to be in use in VMWare_bashcodes

Recently while working, I paused my Oracle Solaris OS and when opened the VMWare the other day to work on it an error occurred which reads “The Virtual Machine appears to be in use.” and did not allowed me to start the system. Mostly this error occurs because the files are locked and not able access by VMWare

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To fix this in VMWare you need to delete files with the extension .lck

NOTE: Its better to move the files to a new directory or folder apart from deleting, and making the backup of the files if these files required later.

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Solaris 11.vmdk.lck

Solaris 11.vmx.lck


Now launch the VMWare workstation and it will work fine as before when you power up the virtual machine.

NOTE: after using the system either power off the virtual machine so that such errors can be avoided.

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