When you need to get root access of Oracle Solaris 10 installed machine and you like to access the system via SSH you need to make few changes to the operating system files.

How to get root login to Oracle Solaris 10 system via SSH

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Things to do

– Look for SSH config files

– Change the configuration for root permissions

– After the changes made, save the files and then try doing a SSH login

Steps to configure SSH config file

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gedit /etc/ssh/sshd_config     #open file in editor

PermitRootLogin yes               # Change PermitRootLogin to yes from no

svcadm restart svc:/network/ssh:default    #Restart sshd daemon

svcs | grep ssh

online 23:47:45 svc:/network/ssh:default      #check if sshd is in online state, after restart

Now try to connect to the Oracle Solaris 10 operating system with root login it will connect.


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