This generally happens after installing virtual machines like Solaris, Redhat or Windows server in VMware. What made me write this article is because this happened to me as well. J

I was facing the problem that I used the default VMware setting and installing various operating systems, but I was not able to take remote session of the installed machine in VMware. But when I installed another operating system I was able to connect them.

Which made me check the VMware network settings; in this you can check there are various mode of network. You need to check and enable it according to your need.

Not able to get VMware virtual machine access from PuttySSH_bashcodes

There you need to change the Network connection adapter from NAT (used to share the host’s IP address) to Bridged (Connected directly to the physical network).

This will solve the problem and whether OS is taking IP address from DHCP or you have manually added, it shall get the connected to your local Windows machine.

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